Bel Canto Black MPS1 PowerStream Monoblock Amplifier

Bel Canto Design MPS 1 PowerStream Monoblock Amplifier

Follow the StreamLink ST Fiber Interconnect and you reach yet another tour de force. Each PowerStream Mono Block precisely mirrors the ASC1 Controller in form and holds the critical analog circuitry. When the signal arrives at the PowerStream Mono Blocks a final Asynchronous ULN Master Clock controlled circuit re-times the digital signal before converting it to analog. This ensures a pure, organic sound performance. The analog signal passes through custom discrete Bel Canto balanced amplifier stages for current conversion and voltage amplification. Each PowerStream Mono Block holds a Bel Canto nCore Discrete Power Processor stage that can supply 1200 Watts and 40 Ampere peaks to the loudspeaker with 128 dB of dynamic range.

The PowerStream represents the absolute shortest signal path for all critical components. A Mono Block architecture and construction ensures total signal path isolation between channels. AC Power is pre-conditioned by a two-stage power supply providing complete clean DC power before reaching the final custom low noise supply circuits, thus completing the Shortest Analog Path to the Loudspeaker while Maintaining True High Dynamic Range.

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Bel Canto MPS1 PowerStream Monoblock Amplifier Specifications

Maximum Power Output: 1200W-2ohm, 600W-4ohm, 300W-8ohm
Minimum Load: 2 ohms
Peak Output Current: 40 amperes
Frequency Response: -3 dB 0Hz-50KHz, all loads
THD+N: <0.001% 1W, 1KHz, 4 ohms
IMD (CCIF): <0.001%, 1W, 18.5:19.5KHz 1:1, 4 ohms
Analog Input Voltage gain: 21dB
Damping factor: >1000
Output Impedance at 100Hz: <8 milliohms
Dynamic Range Stream Input: 128dB
Dynamic Range Analog Inputs: 108dB
Analog Input Voltage for Max Output: 5Vrms
Input connections: Stream ST Fiber or Analog balanced XLR
Balanced input impedance: 20Kohms
Output connections: 1-pair WBT Nextgen 5-way binding posts
Power On usage: 37W
Standby usage: 0.4W
Internally Set Operating Voltages: 230-240VAC 50/60 Hz
Size (W x D x H): 483 x 356 x 97mm
Weight: 45lbs – 20.5Kg each

Proprietary technologies within the PowerStream Mono Block:

 ULN Master Clock with Asynchronous Interface
 StreamLink ST Fiber Interconnect
 Discrete Bel Canto I/V and Voltage Gain Stages
 Bel Canto Custom nCore Discrete Power Processor Stage 
 AC Pre-conditioning and Power Filter Stage

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” STEREOPHILE ” Magazine Review, July 2015

Conclusions“Black by Bel Canto Design is a breakthrough product and, because of its sound quality , the most intriguing one I’ve reviewed—and by now, that’s a lot of products. Its operating flexibility, system integration, and ease of use alone make it a must-experience product for audio enthusiasts looking for a unique, 21st-century listening adventure. If you’re a digital-only audiophile, particularly a 16-bit/44.1kHz “Red Book” one, you might find the Black’s the most compelling digital sound yet. I did, and I don’t like CDs at all. Yet I found some respite with the Black, and not because it obscured the problems many of us have with CDs—in fact, the opposite. The Black’s reproduction of hi-rez files produced the expected sonic benefits. Live digitized vinyl playback sounded more similar to than different from hi-rez digital files, but through the Black, all of these formats sounded very different from how they sounded through my reference non–class-D system: CDs for the better, the others less so. Class-D amplification sounds fundamentally different. In the case of the Bel Canto Black, it can be credibly argued that it can sound better. If you’re a committed analog listener, you’re probably going to want to listen to vinyl in the analog domain. (But if you have an opportunity to hear an LP through this system, do it.) Otherwise, here, finally, is a class-D product that, though sounding definitely different from the older technologies, makes a strong case for equality. That’s saying a lot.” – Michael Fremer

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” HIFI Test ” Online Magazine Review, Germany

“This is not a cheap pleasure, but I want it once formulated as follows: Very rarely have I encountered a high-priced combination, the latest technology, functionality, processing, sound and absolutely independent ideas together so confidently consistently.
Conclusion: Madness. Bel Cantos Black system is a completely new approach and seek out sound experience that is unique.”

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” 6 Moons ” Online Magazine Review


 ” AudioPhilia ” Star Component Award! 

” AudioPhilia ” Online Magazine Review

Bel Canto Black System ($50,000): Known as the Black System, these components represent a reimagining of Bel Canto Design’s overall approach and are a significant step forward along its journey for designing and implementing new technologies in its product line.  Specifically, the Black System is a highly sophisticated set of electronics incorporating a unique system architecture.  According to John Stronczer, CEO and Chief Architect at Bel Canto Design, the goal of this integrated system approach is to preserve and maintain the pure integrity of the source signal through the entire system all the way to the loudspeakers regardless of the input source.

The Black System configuration includes the ASC1 Asynchronous Stream Controller, a pair of MPS1 Mono PowerStream units and High Speed Optical Interconnect (Streamlink). Over the past year or so, I’ve had opportunities to hear early preproduction versions as well as the final production units of the Black System.  For my ears – the final result is nothing short of striking.  The Black System is a truly state of the art design and provides a level of sonic purity and musical authenticity that is undeniable. Listening to reproduced music through the Black System provides an experience that is highly engaging, totally entertaining with a feeling as though you are in the presence of the artists on the recording. (Bill Wells) – STEREOTIMES Review

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